About Us

Family First Psychotherapy Services (FFPS) provides mental health and wellness treatment and support to people who want to change and improve their lives. Wellness starts with the hope and trust that changing and exploring our inner selves can better our futures. When an individual changes, their circumstances change!

When we have the tools to meet the challenges of life, those difficulties are no longer looked at as insurmountable, they become stepping stones to the future. Those challenges help us to achieve the success that we see for ourselves.

Under the influence of Nicole Daniels, founder of Family First Psychotherapy Services, and the therapists that work alongside her, FFPS is able to help those wanting to change their lives through different healing approaches: hypnotherapy, mindfulness, and meditation. Our trained staff members take pride in using research and evidence-based methods to provide our clients with services that aid in healing and growth. Ongoing training allows us to stay abreast of current effective treatment methods.

If you have questions or need more information regarding the services provided by Family First Psychotherapy Services, please contact us.

Meet Nicole Daniels, Founder