Workshops & Training

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Building Strong Relationships

Do you have a pattern of selecting the wrong people as mates, want to improve your current relationship, rejuvenate a good marriage, rescue a relationship in conflict or just learn the tools to be in a healthy relationship? If so, this workshop series is for you.

Presented in "bite-size" sessions, you will become better prepared to...

  • Look for a good partner, not just a good-looking partner
  • Use communication skills that will help improve your relationship over time
  • Be on the same page with your mate/spouse regarding finances
  • Understand the differences in communication styles between men and women
  • Understand that men and women want to be respected, but differently in romantic relationships
  • Communicate your feelings and learn why it's so important
  • Transform your relationship through forgiveness, whether you are giving or receiving the forgiveness

Raising the Emotionally Intelligent Child

Do you understand the importance of equipping your child with the emotional intelligence needed to succeed in school, friendships, and in adulthood?

Do you want to learn some of the skills needed to give your children the chance to "conquer the world?"

e = emotion ~ mc = my child ~ resilience²

That chance starts with emotions! Strong, healthy, emotional connections aren't needed only through hard times but at all times. A good emotional foundation affords the experience of parents helping their children take chances, have friendships and grow into their potential.

In this presentation, a 5-step "emotion coaching" technique is used to teach parents how to:

  • Use your child’s emotional expressions as teaching opportunities
  • Help your child deal with negative feelings
  • Help your child understand life with her/his heart
  • Provide a framework for maintaining a close relationship
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Presentation Topics

Family First Psychotherapy Services also presents workshops and training sessions for groups, organizations, and companies within the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Presentation topics include:

  • Successful Communication
  • Taming Your Temper
  • Stress Management
  • Positive Thinking