Clinical Supervision

As an American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) Approved Supervisor, Nicole Daniels, LCMFT and founder of Family First Psychotherapy Services, offers clinical supervision to other counselors working toward their Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor credential. Nicole realizes the value of supporting the therapeutic community and knows that becoming a licensed therapist can be a daunting task, especially without good support.

AAMFT Approved Supervisor

As an AAMFT Approved Supervisor, Nicole supervises individuals who are seeking licensure as MFTs and also those seeking AAMFT Clinical Membership.

When supervising a trainee for licensure, Nicole seeks information from the relevant state/provincial regulatory board to become familiar with the requirements specific to that state/province's regulations. This will include criteria, if specified, for those who may offer supervision in that state/province and requirements that the trainee must meet.

Since an AAMFT Approved Supervisor is looked to for guidance, Nicole ensures familiarity with relevant guidelines essential to properly advise supervised individuals.

Therapists can use this time to get training and insight into "who they are" as clinicians. Most importantly, this is a time to continue to sharpen your skills to better help the lives of your clients, give improved services, and learn to navigate tough cases.

If you are seeking seeking clinical supervision, please contact Nicole or call (301) 710-2403 for further information.