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Foundations of Intimate Relationships

Earlier this month I wrote about friendships and how to maintain that type of relationship. There are commonalities in all good relationships but they have different elements. In this post, I will discuss intimate relationships. How Intimate Relationships are Different Intimate relationships are different than friendships and most other types of relationships because they involve physical and…

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Have That “New Year” Magic All Year Long!

Every New Year may seem magical; however, the magic is not in the year but in you. You can have this renewed magical feeling every month, every six months, heck every day! Setting your intentions, having strong commitments and reaching your goals are key!!! You have to create habits that lead to your success. So…

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Domestic Violence And Abusive Behavior in a Relationship

Even though domestic violence awareness month has ended, you can still help to end domestic violence and make a difference. Education is the key! Knowing the definition of domestic violence,  the symptoms, whose usually involved, and what you can do to help is a good start to how we can put a dent in this type of…

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7 Guidelines for Improving Relationships & Finances

Obviously, the goal of therapy is to keep people together. At Family First Psychotherapy Services LLC., we want to support your marriage journey, help you see how you can live together as a couple, and/or as a family regardless of the problems, especially those regarding finances. Whether you are starting a long-term relationship or trying to…

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