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Personal Development

Life’s Transitions

Transition is defined as a passage or movement from one state, condition, or place to another, and is considered both a process and an outcome of complex person environment interactions. Transitions are a natural part of our lives, whether planned or unexpected. When multiple transitions occur simultaneously they become more complex to manage, sometimes leading…

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Patience – A Virtue or Gift?

We have been taught from an early age that patience is a virtue, but do people really see that as a true statement? It appears that people are often so impatient—at work with co-workers, with family, and often in the community. Some of our most personally responsible reasons for impatience are lack of control understanding,…

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Let Go of the Hurt and Forgive Them

Have you ever been hurt or felt very angry toward someone close to you? Perhaps they said something that was devastating to you or did something that triggered frustration or anger in you. This person is a big part of your life and they mean a lot to you but you can’t seem to move past…

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Advance Your Career

Is it time for you to advance your career? If you’ve been taking care of everyone else except you, you may be looking around now wondering what happened to my career dreams? When you were younger, you were very clear about what you wanted to do and how much money you wanted to make. Now…

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