Sex Therapy

couple lying in bed with backs to each other

Nicole Daniels is a certified sexologist specializing in the field of clinical sexology. She has a background in sex therapy, sexual psychology, and other related fields as a sexologist practitioner. These credentials qualify her to offer sex therapy, sex counseling, or complete sexological research.

As a sex therapist, Nicole maintains a vast perspective by incorporating biological, psychological, sociological, and historical factors when addressing sexual issues. As a clinical sexologist, Nicole can help to facilitate her clients’ sexual growth by providing psychotherapy, education, and necessary resources.

Nicole has been specifically trained in sexual and reproductive anatomy, physiology, sexual development, and gender-related issues. She is also knowledgeable of the effect that sexual abuse and substance abuse can have on relationships and families.

Sex Therapy Process

The sex therapy process entails the steps of a normal therapy process, either for an individual or as a couple, to improve and address sexual problems such as:

  • imbalanced libidos
  • sexual traumas
  • impact of sexual conditions
  • no-sex couples

This is done by assessing the problems presented and using specific models and interventions to treat and help clients reach their goals.

Problems Helped with Sex Therapy

Typically, people who experience concerns about arousal, performance, or satisfaction; decreased or increased desire for intimacy; or in the case of a couple, mismatched or discrepant desire or interest in sexual intimacy; effects of contraception; and drug use whether prescription or non-prescription can benefit from sex therapy.

Additionally, concerns about sexual trauma in one's background, medical conditions that affect one's sexuality, sexual pain disorders, and issues around sexual compulsivity or addiction are frequent concerns that people discuss with a certified sex therapist.

Couples Therapy Integrated with Sex Therapy Can Improve Your Well-Being

Sex therapy is a sub-specialty of psychotherapy, focusing on the specific concerns related to human sexuality. People of all ages, creeds, health statuses, and ethnic backgrounds, whether partnered or single, may benefit from working with a psychotherapist who specializes in this area.

As your therapist, Nicole will note the psychological and the physical components, establish one or more diagnoses, and propose a treatment plan. In some instances, she may contact your physician, nurse, or another therapist you are seeing to establish causes and remedies for the problems.

You, or you and your partner. will be educated about the issue and options for change. This educational process may occur through:

  • suggested reading material
  • watching educational audio-visual materials
  • discussions with the therapist
  • attending workshops
  • a combination of or all of these therapy processes

With the focus on resolving sexual issues combined with couples' therapy, a couple's sexual experience can be heightened and their relationship improved. As your therapist, Nicole has the combined expertise and experience to provide you with realistic solutions to common relationship issues without bias and judgment. She will encourage your sexual growth and sexual connection.

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