Upset Teenage Girl With Friends Gossiping In Background

Growing Pains

Preteens, teens, and young adults (11-20 years old) deal with a lot! Often, emotions get in the way of trying to "fit in" socially. These young ladies want to have good relationships whether with parents, family, or friends while trying to establish who they are as individuals.

Each age group has its own specific issue and each issue needs to be addressed separately. It can be tough! That's why our support group, Growing Pains, was created to help young ladies deal with:

  • Anger Management
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Developing Coping Skills

The Growing Pains group teaches young ladies how to manage their emotions, become more aware of their feelings, and deal with life without using alcohol, drugs, having unprotected sex, and other negative coping methods.

Regulating emotions is the key. Regulating emotions and distress tolerance skills can help young ladies get through crisis, peer pressures, and learn to be in healthy relationships.

Participants are assigned to appropriate age groups. Please contact us to get on the waiting list for our next 6-week session. Sessions are $20 each or you can pay $99 in advance.



Young Men Against Violence

The Young Men Against Violence group will address the risks associated with teen dating and violence against women in the Charles County community. The lack of prevention against violence in teen relationships is associated with high-risk behaviors, substance abuse, increased sexual risk behaviors, social and academic problems.

These issues can potentially limit psychological, physical, and or economic well-being in adulthood. Domestic violence destroys families and increases the violence in our communities.

Candidates for Young Men Against Violence Group

Males between the ages of 12-17 years of age are good candidates for this group. Group size will consist of 10-15 participants per session. There are no limitations based on ethnicity, parental income, or religion.

Group Description

The Young Men Against Violence program is designed to respond to issues of domestic violence that are often related to:

  • A witness to family violence
  • Family conflict
  • Anger and aggression management
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Minimal sex education
  • Bullying
  • Substance abuse
  • Media

The 8-week program will provide instruction and opportunity for experiential self-discovery, rites of passage, peer-to-peer mentorship, and parent/child bonding. Parents will have a greater opportunity to improve their relationship with their youth, and civilly responsible males will have the opportunity to mentor and support the male youth.

Sessions and field trips will focus on topics that include:

  • Responsibility and safety in dating and personal relationships
  • Sexual awareness
  • Strengthening family bonds
  • Improved social choices
  • Communication skills
  • Community involvement and responsibility

The Young Men Against Violence program will run up to 4 times a year based on resources and participation.

Program Goals

  • Reduce percentage of unhealthy relationships in our communities
  • Shift the perception that domestic violence is the woman's fault
  • Strengthen youth male functioning and family relationships
  • Learn to communicate and process emotions in a healthy manner
  • Reduce high-risk behaviors
  • Learn to be responsible for actions

Males between 18-25 years old are often forgotten and need emotional support as well.