5 Ways to Help Your Children Manage Their Anger

Angry Children1. Start with Yourself

Model calm behavior. Show your children that you can control your temper. Show them that you can calm yourself down when you get angry, even when disciplining them. Children learn by example and they are watching how you handle conflicts and disagreements.

2. Express Anger with Words

Many kids display anger by kicking, screaming, hitting, or biting because they don’t know how to express their frustrations any other way. They need an emotional vocabulary to express how they feel, and you can help your child develop one.

Encourage them to express when they are angry, upset, mad, annoyed or irritated. Let them know that they will not be disciplined just for letting someone know that they are upset. It’s holding in the anger that may lead to further aggression, but letting them express it with words allows you to understand what’s going on.

3. Use Self-Talk

Teach your children how to think positive thoughts to themselves such as “stop and calm down,” “stay in control,” “I can handle this," or "take a deep breath. "

4. Write It or Draw It Out

Have your children write about their anger. Some children may be better with words on paper. They may be able to describe the situation better and share why they are upset by writing it down.

Some children are better at expressing themselves by drawing. They can draw a picture of themselves when they are angry or they can free draw with different colors and shapes.

5. Counseling

If you feel your children need additional support with managing their anger, anger management counseling is available. The counselor can assist your children in learning triggers and developing alternate responses that may work best for them.

Family counselors may ask for the family or parents to attend a few sessions as well. The family counselor will meet with the family in order to work on the family interaction and communication.

If you feel your child or children can benefit from assistance with anger management, feel free contact us.