Patience – A Virtue or Gift?

patienceWe have been taught from an early age that patience is a virtue, but do people really see that as a true statement? It appears that people are often so impatient—at work with co-workers, with family, and often in the community.

Some of our most personally responsible reasons for impatience are lack of control understanding, planning, communication, realistic expectations and, last but not at all least, lack of emotional growth! When you claim control of these issues you can claim the rewards, and not the demise, patience can deliver.

Patience in relationships, whether in family, business, or in the community is of such great value, it is a life changer! Here are just a few benefits:

Patience Builds Perseverance

A well-rounded person is set apart by mastering a skill set that leads to success. Building relationships by giving others—as well as yourself—a chance to grow or achieve during challenging times requires patience.

Not giving up and being in something for the long haul helps others to see your commitment and dedication to a cause or thing or better yet within a relationship. This means you’ll get the kitty at the end and not the defeat.

Patience is a Resource

Intelligence and skills are all honored by patience and dedication! If you’d like to outgrow, out-parent, out-mentor, out-due the best, then you have to gain from the “patience resource pool.” This resource can be endless and internal and will put you in the “above average” group in performance.

The energy that you put into a project at work, your relationship, or at home will seem to be never-ending. You will begin to wonder how you do all the things that you do. Your family and friends will take note and maybe even appreciate you!! (Smile)

Patience and Dilemmas

Patience allows you to process your situation and see your mistakes. It gives you a chance to correct things for the next situation that arises that may need some patience and finesse, not just hasty reactions.

Patience and Magnetism

Whether the right or wrong people are drawn to you, having empathy and patience will assist you in selecting those who can be helpful to you in your causes, your life.

Dealing with someone who won’t lose their head when things go wrong is a life bonus. A person with patience typically has compassion when someone makes a mistake and will take the time to fully understand what happened and support that person before and while making a decision.

Remember, success doesn’t happen overnight. Patience helps you go through the process of development and growth in your personal and professional life, it serves you well.

Nicole Daniels
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