Have That “New Year” Magic All Year Long!

New Year MagicEvery New Year may seem magical; however, the magic is not in the year but in you. You can have this renewed magical feeling every month, every six months, heck every day! Setting your intentions, having strong commitments and reaching your goals are key!!! You have to create habits that lead to your success. So how do you get there?

Think about the things that are currently working in your life. Is it your marriage? Your career or job? Is it your work in the community? Is it your spiritual connection? What do you already have gratitude for in your life? This place of gratitude is a great starting point to focus your intentions.

As a Marriage & Family Therapist, of course I would say that relationships are one of the most important areas. So, what are the things that you do to make good relationships great or bad relationships better? Obviously, different types of relationships require different types of care and commitment.

Here are some pointers to maintain or improve your relationships with your friends. Friends, true friends, are like family. If you’d like to be a better friend (Intention), what plan (Commitment) have you put in place to make sure that happens this week or over the next few months? What habits will you put in place to achieve those goals?

Let’s start with:

  1. Define what a friend is and how they will show up in your life - someone who will keep your secrets, not talk about you behind your back, be there for you in tough times.
  2. Make time for and show appreciation - show up to scheduled meetings, include your friends in your life events, consider their likes and dislikes in your planning.
  3. Be honest and compassionate all the time - your friends know you better than others, but your friendship should not be an opportunity to be cynical or mean. Be caring because good friends are hard to find.
  4. Learn to repair the negative things that happen in the relationship - being able to show humility and forgiveness are two major things that keep healthy relationships healthy. The friend that can admit when they are wrong and apologize for it is a real friend.

If you found this information helpful, I will share more soon about family, work, community and last, but not least, couple relationships. Our connection to others is a mainstay for health, happiness, and motivation.

Nicole Daniels
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